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Consumer behavior
A DLB Semirar

We provoke and nurture conversation. The exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions and ideas that can engage people and brands in a productive relationship - real connection that can only be achieved by understanding human behavior and what a brand stands for - us,
the people.

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Epica Wines
selects DLB Group
as their agency
for the US, Canada
and Corea markets.

  • DLB Group was selected
    to manage the account
    of Epica Wines, a young
    wine brand owned
    by Viña San Pedro, one
    of the oldest and
    largest exporters of
    Chilean wine, with
    a presence on five
    continents with brands
    such as Castillo

  • de Molina, Black Cat,
    35 South, Cape Horn
    or 1865 Single Vineyard.
    DLB is handling both
    POS and promotions
    throughout the US,
    Canada and Korean
    markets, as well as
    the management of
    the brand’s social media.

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Everyone is a
Beauty Queen in

If the Miss Venezuela event is the beauty event of the country's largest localrelevance; beauty brands of P&G can not miss this event. Therefore, P&G sponsors the beauty of the 24 candidates for Miss Venezuela and the other 11,000,000 women living their own catwalk.

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In Venezuela and in the world we are surrounded by natural lungs. Ecological reserves that guarantee the environmental balance. It’s unavoidable to relate cough with lungs. And a very conceptual form, tied to product benefits, is to make this relationship that happened almost naturally and very powerful.

A true

DLB Group is a true marketing service integrator. When we say a true integrator, it’s not only because we have experts on our staff (commercial architecture, SMS, web design, PR, trade marketing, broadcast and print production, among others). It’s also because we generate integrated proposals that preserve the message of the campaign across all media.

More importantly, we create an impactful plan to support the message among different media, bringing the consumer real marketing experiences and memorable contacts. This is value of being a DLB Group client. We do what a brand needs.

We can no longer isolate ATL from BTL, brands don’t know boundaries. Brands are seeking integration with their target across all contact points (POS, events, TV, radio, web... everything that surrounds us).

DLB Group’s task is to identify each and every one of those and understand all the opportunities to make effective contacts.

We differentiate ourselves by provinding expertise in integration (connecting and ensuring media work ttogether) to communicate more than what was expected and transforming every project into a success.

  • How can
    we help


    Viral Marketing
    Web and interactive
    Mobile Marketing

    Trade Markeking

    POS activition
    Promotional material
    Print Production
    Mistery shopper




    Strategic planning
    Brand communication
    Consumer understandings


    Promotional material
    Commercial architecture
    Brand development


    Press release
    Media management
    Content generation


  • These words define every person who works in our organization. It's a lifestyle. At DLB Group as in every great company, our culture is unique. It wasn't written or copied from others; it's not a quote from a book.

    Our culture is in our DNA; it defines us, guides us and differentiates us. DLB Group strives to seek exemplary employees with this profile, we work daily designing and creating processes, which help us study and make any project a successful story, a learning experience, to be better everyday.

    On our continuous improvement process, we have found global partners providing support to our business; this is the case of DDB and Starcom, whom interact with us on a daily basis, learning and growing together to build a better and more integrated company.

tigether we improve

Together we improve our
clients business results,
by coming up with
brand-building ideas.

Ricardo De La Blanca Brigati

CEO DLB Group Worldwide
  • Ricardo is a global
    advertising and
    marketing leader with
    over 20 years
    of experience across 15
    countries in Europe
    and America. As the
    CEO of DLB Group,
    De La Blanca leads the
    strategic and creative
    vision that has propelled
    DLB Group into
    a multinational company
    employing over 200
    associates in seven
    different countries.

  • De La Blanca's
    exemplarily business
    vision and team
    leadership has been
    instrumental in the
    development of
    integrated global and
    regional campaigns
    resulting in increased
    revenue and brand
    awareness for
    a host of multinational

  • De La Blanca's leadership -
    recognized multiple
    times with two
    "Gerente" (Managerial)
    awards, one for
    Entrepreneurship (2007)
    and the other for
    Businessman (2010)
    - has lead DLB Group
    to be the recipient
    of numerous
    international advertising
    accolades including
    Promax & BDA,
    P&M and FIP.

Molero Eljuri

Chief Operations Officer
DLB Group Worldwide
  • Giancarlo joins
    DLB Group in 2008
    and has found his way to
    become a partner
    leader of the global
    operations for
    the company.
    His entrepreneurial
    spirit and creativity
    distinguished and lead
    him to provide excellent

  • He has always
    thought that everything
    can be improved,
    and by using creative and
    approaches he has
    been able to make things

  • He brings more
    than 15 years of
    experience in Marketing
    and Business
    development all
    over the Americas, and
    also a powerful
    understanding of the
    Hispanic Market in US
    with a strong
    expertise in the Telecom
    area he acquired
    in BellSouth and
    Telefónica - Movistar.

  • His technical knowledge
    and organizational
    capabilities have enriched
    DLB Group management
    team and improved
    the way we do business
    around the world.
    Giancarlo is a Sports fan
    and has a BA in
    Economics and a magister
    in Marketing and
    Strategy at IESA.

Roberto Vásquez

Chief Financial Officer

DLB Group Worldwide
  • Provides financial,
    strategic, managerial and
    organizational guidance
    and support for
    the company. Since
    joining DLB Group
    almost from its
    beginnings, Roberto has
    developed strategic
    insights for client's
    integrated campaigns
    and most importantly,
    worked on creating
    a strong financial
    platform thus delivering
    consistent results.

  • Prior to joining DLB
    Group Roberto had
    different management
    and leadership positions
    throughout his career in
    banks and insurance
    companies, including
    JP Morgan Bank
    in New York.
    Roberto holds an MBA
    from New York
    University Leonard N.
    Stern School of Business.

  • He received professor
    scholarships and
    obtained different
    advanced courses at
    Columbia, NYU
    in the areas of Finance
    and Strategy.

    He received an
    undergraduate degree
    from Universidad
    Metropolitana in
    Caracas, Venezuela.

Larry Hernández

CEO DLB Group Venezuela,
Ecuador & Peru
  • DLB Group Venezuela
    has a long lasting
    run in the market
    as fundamentals
    and global performance
    in Digital Development,
    Design, Commercial
    Architecture and Video
    Production areas.

  • Our commitment is to be
    partners with our clients,
    offering our experience
    and becoming a reference
    in terms of
    marketing and point
    of sales solutions.
    Our motto is to get
    involved in the business
    and find formulas to
    support the client since
    our skills are focused on
    comprehensive marketing.

  • We are very proud
    to be considered
    a reference in
    marketing and to provide
    training and education
    to the ones in our
    We are moving forward,
    focusing on the future,
    searching for new
    opportunities and
    offering the best
    to support the growth
    of the brands
    in our client's portfolio.

The bicycle.

The symbol of
an ageless product of
human imagination that runs on
blood, flesh and bones:

People's Energy.

The perfect vehicle for
the road that leads us to
a better understanding of
people's needs and dreams.

Riding is our life.

We know that in order to
maintain our balance -
of knowledge and
performance - we must
keep moving.

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Europe,
    Middle East
    & Africa
  • Italy
  • Venezuela

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